In Chile, we conduct training programs on safe working conditions, fire safety, agrochemical management and first aid measures regularly.


In Kenya, Staff Development and Quality Management/Social Systems trainings are conducted every year, among other training programs. In 2012-2013 368 employees were trained in BRC Version 6/HACCPIntermediate, Food Safety Systems Certification 22000:2010, Double seam for QC checkers/mechanics and ETI base code.

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Every year, Brazil celebrates Health and Safety Week. In coordination with government agencies, we conduct training programs promoting continued health and safety in the workplace for the employees.

Chemical Safety Training Defensive driving courses are provided for truck drivers.

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Women’s Health Awareness programs are conducted in coordination with the Municipal Health Office.

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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, STD and AIDS Awareness training.

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In the Philippines, annual training programs include occupational health & safety awareness, chemical safety training, first aid and emergency preparedness. Training programs promoting personal development such as effective leadership and basic supervisory skills trainings are also conducted. Del Monte Fresh Philippines also conducts in-house training on ISO 19011:2011 for its DAVCO counterpart to equip them to conduct GlobalGAP self-assessment as well as quality management system training.

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Various training programs on occupational health and safety are conducted regularly in Costa Rica.

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In Guatemala, regular trainings on occupational health and safety, first aid, fire safety and quality control are conducted.

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