We treat our workers fairly and provide them with competitive compensation and benefits. Our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics policy reflects our commitment to adhere to the principles of social accountability. We promote a culture of diversity and are dedicated to nurturing an environment where each employee is respected regardless of race, culture, religion, nationality, sexual preference or beliefs. Freedom of association is a fundamental right of all our employees worldwide guaranteed by internal company policies and procedures. A testament to this are the thousands of our employees worldwide who chose to be represented by labor unions such as KPAWU and KUCFAW in Kenya, ALU-TUCP in the Philippines, SITEP in Costa Rica and Sindicato de Trabajadores Bananeros de Izabal (SITRABI) in Guatemala to name a few. Furthermore, our operations in Kenya have been inspected and certified by independent third party auditors against the internationally recognized Social Accountability standard S.A. 8000.

An important control mechanism that ensures transparency and accountability is the Employee Hotline system, where any employee can communicate suspected violations of the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Policy.