Awareness and Prevention Programs

In Cameroon, we are a member of the National AIDS Control Committee and support a monthly AIDS prevention and awareness program. Malaria awareness programs are also carried out regularly and treated mosquito nets have been donated to the community.

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In Kenya, our HIV/AIDS Prevention Program includes voluntary testing, counseling and immediate referral to HIV management programs for those who test positive.


Medical care for over 12,000 employees and their dependents in Kenya is provided through six clinics we operate. Other health programs, like the Malaria Prevention Program, are conducted regularly.


As part of our Dengue Fever Prevention Program in Brazil, we conduct information awareness campaigns by going to local schools and educating children on Dengue Fever.

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Medical Outreach Programs and Assistance

In Brazil, we provide dental care to the community through the SESC.

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In the Philippines, we conduct medical and dental outreach programs for the local community.

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In Costa Rica, we provide medical assistance for the majority of our employees and their dependents.

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At our highland banana operations in the Philippines, we established a feeding program for the undernourished school children in the local community.

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