Scholarship Programs

We have scholarship programs in Costa Rica, Chile and the Philippines for deserving students.

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Environmental Education

In Brazil, educational field tours are conducted at our farms to teach local school children about environmental protection.

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Support of Education and Training Programs in the Communities where we Operate

We support local schools in Costa Rica. Part of this support includes donating school supplies.

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Our pineapple farms in the Philippines collaborate with local government offices to conduct educational programs for the community, including programs on solid waste management, chemical safety, environmental protection and family management.

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In Costa Rica, environmental protection and emergency preparedness trainings are conducted in partnership with local schools and the community. Schools conduct field trips to the El Tigre Forest to educate children on biodiversity and environmental protection.

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We conduct awareness programs that promote human rights and the fundamental rights of children in Colombia.

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Our facility in Dubai participates in informational campaigns promoting healthy lifestyles.

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In the Philippines, we provide transportation for children from nearby communities to and from school.

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In Colombia, Costa Rica and the Philippines, we support training and livelihood programs that help and encourage women to develop skills in popular trade occupations.

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In Korea, we support the Seoul English Village. This is a government run program which provides English education opportunities to local children. The program includes education on the importance and nutritional value of fruits and vegetables in every child’s diet.

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