Beyond the contributions to the economies of the countries in which we operate, we play an important role in the welfare of the approximately 46,000 employees, their families and the communities in which they live.

Our labor policies and practices seek to provide a hygienic and safe working environment. Our employees are guaranteed safe working conditions and their rights stemming from international conventions and local laws, including freedom of association, are respected. As in the case of environmental policies, adherence to our labor and social programs and policies is monitored and validated by frequent internal and external audits.

The families of our employees and the communities in which they live also benefit from the numerous community involvement and charitable programs the company and its employees fund and support through volunteerism. These programs are designed to improve the quality of life and provide the tools and knowledge to sustain healthy and productive communities. Many of our activities complement and augment the support systems provided by local governments and non-governmental organizations in the countries where we operate.

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