Where possible we have buffer zones and planting of cover crops along sensitive areas to help us control soil erosion. We have measures in our field production areas designed to reduce soil movement, including the use of plastic mulch at our melon farms in Central America and pineapple fields in Kenya. Topographic gradients for our pineapple areas are carefully planned according to soil type to facilitate construction of access roads and drainage ditches which in turn help to minimize soil erosion. We have implemented processes in soil preparation that enhance water percolation, reduction of soil compaction and minimization of soil movement due to decreased water runoff.

Soil Quality Monitoring Tests
Soil sampling tests are conducted in farm sites to regularly monitor the quality of the soil.

soil_sampling_001 soil_sampling_002 soil_sampling_003 soil_sampling_004

Planting areas are efficiently designed with drainage channels and access roads.

planting_areas_001 planting_areas_002 planting_areas_003 planting_areas_004

Soil Management Practices
On our melon farms, we rotate crops between seasons to improve soil productivity, minimize soil erosion and help reduce pests.

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