At facilities and operations worldwide, we have implemented programs to monitor fuel consumption levels and fuel efficiency. Both our Fresh Cut Operation (FCO) and Distribution Center (DC) facilities work to use energy and fuel efficiently. Refrigeration systems adhere to strict maintenance schedule to maximize energy efficiency. Our newer equipment as well as replacement motors are energy efficient. Efficient production schedules and planning also contribute to energy and fuel conservation.
On our ocean going vessels, we monitor and regulate our ships’ speed in order to minimize fuel consumption and maintain our regular schedules. Additionally, newer and more efficient vessels have been added to our existing fleet.

Fuel Use Control and Monitoring

In Brazil, a fuel reduction program has been implemented. By installing CTF (Controle de Trafego de Frota) devices in farm equipment we are able monitor fuel consumption. The kilometer-run and fuel consumption is automatically recorded once the equipment refuels at the gas station.

control_monitoring_001 control_monitoring_002

All electrically driven equipment is regularly maintained for maximum energy efficiency. At Port Hueneme, discharging operations are one hundred percent electric.

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Planning and Control

Planning facilitate the efficient use of fuel and energy. By increasing the number of pallets per truck, we can eliminate one truck for every 20 trucks loaded, thereby reducing fuel use. At our North American fresh cut operations and distribution centers, fuel saving initiatives are in place to manage inbound and outbound run. They include combining deliveries, working with customers to reduce driver and equipment downtimes, maximizing truck capacity and the use of dual temperature trailers to move mixed-temperature products in one truck rather than two.