We have implemented programs to monitor electricity consumption and efficiency in our operations. Both our Fresh Cut Operation (FCO) and Distribution Center (DC) facilities are implementing measures to ensure that energy is used efficiently. Refrigeration systems adhere to strict maintenance schedules to maximize energy efficiency. Our newer equipment, as well as replacement motors, are energy efficient. Efficient production schedules and planning also contribute to energy conservation.

Use of Energy Efficient Equipment

Production facilities and farm sites worldwide use energy-efficient light bulbs.

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Regular Refrigeration System Maintenance to Maximize Energy Efficiency

Our facilities make sure the refrigeration systems and equipment are well maintained for efficient energy use. At our fresh cut operations, distribution centers and ports, pallet racking systems contribute to the efficient use of energy and space.

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Energy Efficient Facilities

The electrical distribution panels at our Dubai facility are installed with power saving devices.

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The refrigeration systems at our Masan facility in Korea are installed with speed control devices that save electricity.

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Newer facilities are designed to be more energy efficient by maximizing the use of natural light. Temperature control doors also help maintain the temperature in our refrigerated facilities.

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