We promote biodiversity and our farming operations conduct various internal reforestation programs to expand the natural ecosystem. Tree planting activities are conducted in coordination with various local schools and organizations. Unproductive farm areas are also being planted with native tree species.

Tree Planting Worldwide
Our farms regularly conduct tree planting activities. These efforts are usually coordinated with the local government for the neighboring communities. We planted a total of 143,613 trees in 2010, 194,133 trees in 2011 and more than 360,000 trees in 2012 in Costa Rica, Kenya, Guatemala and the Philippines. This continuing effort is part of our commitment to raise awareness and encourage local communities to help protect the environment through forestation.


Several of our farms also donate tree seedlings to encourage the community to plant trees as part of the environmental awareness program. From 2010-2012, we donated more than 260,000 tree seedlings to the communities in Kenya and Costa Rica.


In areas surrounding the farms in Brazil, we have reforested approximately 100 hectares.


Tree planting programs in the Philippines are conducted with the participation and support of local schools and government organizations.



Tree planting activities in Guatemala.


Tree planting activities in Colombia.