Melons are one of the highest volume fresh produce items, and this category includes many varieties, such as cantaloupe, honeydew, specialty melons and watermelon. Melons are an ideal healthy snack because they are low in calories and fat and are filled with vitamins including vitamin A, B6, and C. Each variety offers significant nutrients. For example, cantaloupes and honeydews are a great source of potassium, dietary fiber, folate and vitamin B6 and are very low in cholesterol. Watermelons are a great source of potassium and a good source of lycopene.

We sell a variety of melons including cantaloupe, honeydew, MAG® melon, watermelon and specialty melons, which we introduced to meet the different tastes and expectations of consumers. Melons are grown in temperate locations and have a relatively short growing cycle. We are able to provide our customers in North America with a year-round supply of melons.

Del Monte Fresh Produce continues to invest significant resources in research and development to expand the melon category and continuously offer products that meet consumer’s evolving needs. We are committed to maintaining the highest food safety standards to ensure that we provide safe and wholesome products to all of our customers. We have a series of programs that have been implemented with all of our melon varieties including water safety, field and packing facility sanitation and, finished product testing.