This exceptional variety was developed to meet consumers’ growing demand for a melon that is consistent in quality, flavor and aroma. After much innovative research, Del Monte Fresh Produce introduced its MAG.nificent® Melon. The Del Monte Fresh Produce MAG.nificent® Melon has a more pleasant, consistent, and concentrated aroma compared to traditional cantaloupes and has a sweet flavor and juicy texture which can be experienced in every bite.

Similar to traditional melons, the MAG.nificent® Melon has a relatively short growing cycle, and is grown seasonally in Central America and Arizona, in order to meet year round demand in North America.

One of the many consumer benefits of the MAG.nificent® Melon is its small seed cavity which provides more value per purchase. In addition to the traditional nutritional benefits that a cantaloupe offers, the MAG.nificent® Melon contains higher fiber, protein, carotene, and Vitamin C. With its unique rich golden outer shell color, consistent flavor, and aroma, the Del Monte Fresh Produce MAG.nificent® Melon is rapidly becoming consumer’s favorite melon variety.