Prepared Fruit and Vegetables

We have a royalty-free perpetual license to use the DEL MONTE® Trademark in connection with the production, manufacture, sale and distribution of prepared foods and beverages in over 100 countries throughout Western, Eastern and Central Europe, Africa, the Middle East and countries formerly part of the Soviet Union. In Europe, Del Monte is the premier brand with an approximate 90 year history associated with fruit-based or fruit-derived products and is the leading brand for canned fruit and pineapple in many Western European markets. The Del Monte brand has had a presence in the United Kingdom, the largest market, since 1926 and is perceived to be a quality brand with high consumer awareness. The Del Monte brand has a reputation with both consumers and retailers for value, quality and reliability.

We believe we are a leading marketer for branded canned fruit and pineapple in the European Union (EU) and other European markets and the Middle East. We produce, distribute and market prepared pineapple, peaches, fruit cocktail, pears, tomatoes, fruit juices and other fruit and vegetables. Our prepared pineapple products are sourced from our own facility in Kenya. Our deciduous prepared food products, which include peaches, fruit cocktail, pears and apricots are principally sourced from our own facility in Greece and from independent producers. Our tomato products are sourced from independent producers in Europe and the Middle East.

Del Monte Fresh Produce only picks fruit once it has reached the moment of perfect ripeness. The fruit is then packed within hours with the utmost care to prevent damage and ensure that each and every Del Monte® fruit can and prepared snack contains the freshest, tastiest, juiciest fruit, delivering a taste of sunshine in every bite. Strict quality controls are implemented at every stage of the operation to ensure that the consumer can always rely on consistent high quality products in every Del Monte Fresh Produce item.

Ready to Eat Veggies

Del Monte Fresh Produce offers a new range of six delicious typical vegetable dishes from around the world: Ratatouille, Caponata, Mediterranean Medley, Corn Chili, Cantonese Veggies and Marrakesh Style. Pots are microwaveable and each recipe is gluten, preservative, artificial color and artificial flavor free; it is also naturally low in fat but high in fiber. This new range shows great differentiation in terms of packaging, nutritional benefits and taste.