Our new fresh fruit and vegetable vending line is designed to meet the needs of today’s health conscious, on-the-go consumer. It offers vending operators an innovative solution to meet society’s growing demand for fresh, healthy snack alternatives in vending machines. With distribution centers as well as fresh cut and re-pack facilities strategically located throughout many key cities and states, we can provide fast, safe and convenient distribution of our entire product line. The line features specially packaged bananas, as well as single serve fresh cut fruit and vegetables, some of which are paired with a healthy, low fat dip.

Product Mix:

  • Whole fresh bananas
5oz Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet pineapple chunks with light vanilla yogurt
  • 6oz Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet pineapple chunks
  • 5oz Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet pineapple chunks & grapes
4oz Apple slices w/ light caramel dip
  • 5oz Apple slices
  • 4oz Veg medley (baby carrots, celery, tomato) w/ light ranch dip
  • 4oz Baby carrot & celery with light ranch dip
  • 4oz Baby carrot with light ranch dip

Products only available in North America.

Del Monte Fresh Produce Vending Machine

The Del Monte vending machine offers consumers in workplaces accessible and healthier eating choices. The Del Monte vending machine features a variety of conveniently packed and ready-to-eat fresh fruit and vegetable snacks, as well as juices and sandwiches.

Products available only in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Micro Market Vending
Similar to a vending machine, micro markets provide the on-the-go consumer with a variety of healthy options for lunchtime. With open shelved coolers and swipe card options, employees can now easily and quickly shop in workplace lunchrooms. Del Monte Fresh offers an array of customizable products that health-conscious consumers are demanding. With our just-in-time delivery and customizable solutions, we are able and ready to provide fresh items for any retail space.