The Packaging Development Group works to keep the “fresh” in the fruits and vegetables we harvest daily. By utilizing experts from around the globe, we are able to provide cost efficient and timely packaging solutions for our production operations as well as the needs of our customers.

Our packaging group strives to ensure that the physical needs of our fruit are addressed in order to protect and maintain freshness. Our packaging is designed for easy packing, rapid cooling and protection from the rigors of transportation. A significant amount of our products are grown in Central and South America and Asia Pacific. As a result, they travel to their global destinations in refrigerated ships. After arrival at our ports, the products are unloaded and transferred to our distribution centers or delivered direct to our customer by refrigerated transport. Our fresh cut fruit and vegetable products are also transported via refrigerated transport, requiring extraordinary attention to quality in both product and packaging for fresh arrival.

With fresh fruit and vegetables, the challenge is to design secondary packaging (primarily recyclable corrugated) that will stand to the rigors of transport and handling while protecting the fruit and vegetables from bruising when exposed to moisture, shock and vibration. To accomplish this goal, the professionals in our packaging development group work to design packaging and graphics, select the proper materials and also specify pallets and loading specifications. In our fresh cut operations, we are also able to utilize plastics that are not only sustainable (corn based PLA), but recyclable as well. This helps us meet the demands of delivering the freshest and most visually appealing product to each and every one of our retailers every day while also protecting the environment.