We distribute our fresh produce and prepared food products throughout Europe. Our fresh produce products are distributed to leading retail chains, smaller regional customers as well as to wholesalers and distributors through direct sales and distribution centers. In the United Kingdom, we operate one fresh cut facility. In France, we recently opened a distribution center with banana ripening capabilities to service an expanding customer base. In the Netherlands, we have a sales and marketing entity. Commencing in 2012, we began performing our own fresh produce distribution in southern Europe by establishing our own sales and marketing organization and as a result we expanded our sales and marketing organization in France, Spain and Italy and during 2013 we opened a new sales and marketing office in Portugal. Our prepared food products are distributed through independent distributors throughout most of Europe, except in Russia where we perform our own sales and marketing. In the United Kingdom, our prepared food products are distributed using a combination of both independent distributors and our own marketing entity.